Welcome to Indiranagar (WTI)

We moved to Indiranagar a couple of weeks ago, into a house and not an apartment. I grew up in a nice ‘propah’ house but have lived in apartments since and loved the community living. So this major change came about as we were looking for a living space in Indiranagar. Even though I lived in an up and coming locality about 6km away I was always drawn to Indiranagar, and with time grew quite comfortable and familiar with this neighbourhood.
So it felt odd that Friday evening as heads popped out of windows and balconies watching us as the mover’s truck pulled in and stopped outside our new abode. When I looked at these eyes and tried to smile, I did not get the reciprocation of a smile. Instead heads and eyes receded into the houses. Nearly a month later, the eyes continue to stare blankly when i walk down the quiet road, or when I step out to put the trash out. The better half struck up short conversations with the immediate neighbour about garbage collection, water supply, etc. These queries received short and courteous replies. And thats it.
Now that i am here, I am not sure how Indiranagar works. I am not sure if I should go and knock on my neighbours’ doors or wait for them to come and check me out.

I find satisfaction in the fact that this is temporary and that I will go back to my apartment that we put together so lovingly so that we retire there in peace and among friends. But I want to be optimistic and think that life won’t be so bad after all. Time will tell, but I want the next three years to fly by REAL FAST!!!


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