WTI – Tamil tereemaa?

It is with great amusement that I discovered that the national language of Indiranagar is Tamil 🙂 Ok, i do not intend to start a riot here, neither do I want a certain ‘topi and dark-glasses’ donned politician to raise a hue and cry over the importance of Kannada. I am simply making this observation. The dhobiwaali, the milkman, the veggie sellers, all speak ONLY Tamil….or a smattering of English. But Kannada….enna addh?!?!?!
While I am ever grateful to the Dhobiwaali for finding me househelp, our conversations have been in awful-sounding Hindi until now (Lot of people think I come from the Hindi-speaking belt of this great nation) and that’s when (like I usually do) I asked her ‘Kannada baralvaa’ and she smiles and replies, ‘no madam, ‘one-ly’ Tamil and Hindi’.
The milkman, a retired subedar-major, again talks ‘one-ly’ Tamil and English’. I looked at him with awe when I discovered that he was with the army at one time. He too was impressed that I noted his army title and we shook hands merrily. He bellows out a hearty ‘good morning’ when i pick up the milk bag. The better-half thinks that retired major-subedar was an official crier (is there a post like that in the armed forces???) because he announces his arrival with loud and funny sounds that go, ‘aaaaa’, ‘eeeee’, ‘oooooo’ EVERY single day!
The push-cart veggie sellers who had gone away to their ‘native’ for Pongal have returned. Next time I go over to buy vegetables, I am going to strike up a conversation in Tamil. ‘Ennaa Saar! Soukhyamaa! Vorenj ambad rupay-yaa? Romba jaasthi paa, konjam discount kodu paa…..”

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