WTI – Singh Saab

Update: Singh Saab has moved to a new location. They are now off Indiranagar Double road, on 1st Main, 2nd Cross sharing space with Grubhouse. A new restaurant is coming up in its old location. Will visit when it opens and write back! Until then, eat well and stay healthy!

Discovered this little gem of a place when on our quest to find a small eatery to order food whilst unpacking and setting up home in Indiranagar. Thanks to its ‘cannot be located easily’ positioning off the glittery 100ft road this unassuming place can only be chanced upon…..was a serendipity of sorts for us…..

The tacky interiors and the glass swing door that bangs shut instead of swinging smoothly can be a put off. Hold on….to that door also….too early for you to conclude that it is an open and shut case.
Hang in there for a minute longer and allow yourself to be ushered in and seated by the cheerful Manager/Cashier.
Go through the menu calmly, yes, i agree, it needs an overhaul, then again, do not get put off, you are not there to eat paper!
Allow the waiter/server to take your order with a smile.
Once the food has been served, let the food do the talking.

Seems to be a favourite among the young, single, seemingly out of town office goers who call Bangalore home; that said, I have never seen the place crowded though…. But I have observed that they receive many takeaway orders.

Please do note that I am a vegetarian and therefore do not know if their non-vegetarian fare is as good. Their tandoori rotis, roomali rotis, veg biriyani are good and their sarson ka saag can compete with those dished out by some of the city’s fancy restaurants. Even the humble pudina chutney that is served with the sliced onions is delish. Their north-Indian dishes are better than their Chinese counterparts. They home-deliver. And oh the place is called Singh Saab and they are located on 16th Main Road, off 100ft Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar.

Moral of the story – do not judge a book by its cover!

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