WTI – Composting

So I have started to compost my wet waste and I am feeling good about it.

Several years ago, I bought me a three-tier mud-pot composter. All was going well until the rainy season and then I just could not deal with the maggots visiting my home. It was placed in the balcony of my apartment and there was nothing I could do to prevent them for making themselves at home in our living room! Yes they travel well, these maggots!
Then I took a break from composting, thanks to the extremely well-managed and streamlined waste segregation and disposal practices of our community.

And then we moved to an independent house in Indiranagar and have had to face the arrogant attitude of the garbage collectors every single day. I have written more about it here and here.

Seeing that I have to ‘stock-pile’ the wet waste till the wet-waste van arrived no more than twice a week, I decided to re-start composting. My neighbour tells me that the garbage is collected twice a week only because the elections are round the corner, otherwise the frequency of collection can be once every 10 days!

I chose the marigold composter simply because their system removes the chore out of composting and it is really simple to use. The steel composting bin has a band of perforations on the top outer surface, close to the opening. It has a mesh lid and a heavier metal lid that has a central glass window. The unit sits on a base, a few inches above the ground and the wheels on the base make moving the unit around very easy.
They come in various sizes, so depending on the size of your household, you can pick the one that suits you best. Since I add to the compost everyday, i take the opportunity to turn the mix over everyday. That helps a lot, and so does a good dose of sunshine. Since we never ever have food-waste (as in food that is leftover or spoilt unusable food), what goes into the composter is predominantly vegetable and fruit peels and tea & coffee powder. I have managed to get a decent batch of very dry and powdery compost which i will use in my small little (but growing) garden. I bought a ‘curing box’ too from Prudent Technologies that holds the compost through its curing stage. Composting couldn’t get easier! Do give it a try!!

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