I have fallen in love!

They will force-hold the train door just so a couple on holiday who got off one station too early can re-enter the train. (I know its not the right thing to do….even so…..).
They share your enthusiasm and excitedly wait with you to meet your daughter’s new roommate. (And the joy on the face when the kiddos met up, oh, it was priceless!).
They point you in the correct direction as you emerge out of the subway station and look around to orient yourself.
They pay a compliment with hand gestures when they can speak only Spanish and think that you probably don’t know the language because you look foreign. (Your daughter is beautiful is what she was saying!).
They honk at you from inside the car to get your attention – just to tell you that the bus stop is one block away, there’s no need to fish out the phone and look at GoogleMaps.
They chat you up as you walk to the bus stop, she was headed to Boston and I to Philadelphia. She told me she was a Jew who loved Varanasi among all that she saw in India on a trip a few years ago.
They ask you if the girl with you is a princess 🙂 With all humility I accepted the compliment on behalf of my daughter, my very own princess!

What touched my heart the most was when i had to take the subway on a Friday evening (I was coming back into NYC from Boston) and I came to an evening with a few subway disruptions due to maintenance work. So I had to take a rather long and circuitous route to my accommodation with several train line changes. Not all stations have elevators or escalators. While I was lugging my suitcase up the stairs, three different people offered to carry it for me! Yes! Three different people at three different instances! It was simply unbelievable! How or why would someone else want to take my burden? I just could not understand! I still do not!

New Yorkers seem to have this uncanny ability to sniff out a tourist that needs help and lend a hand even before you knew you needed it! They have charmed me straight into their hearts!

On my first ever trip to the United States of America recently, I have fallen in love – with New Yorkers!

These little gestures will stay with me and have made me want to go back to the big apple to savour another slice of it 🙂 Thank you dear New Yorkers! You have all unbeknown to you made me fall in love with you and your bustling city! I have always wanted to visit NYC; perhaps my heart already knew that I was going to love everything about it, including its people! I look forward to spending another few days there….soon!

Love and hugs to you all!!








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