WTI – Composting Update

I generate a good amount of green waste since I cook all meals from scratch and we are a family of four that eat well. This means we have a lot of green waste which cannot wait for the waste collector who comes as and when he pleases! Yes, there is no fixed day or time for his royal highness’ visit. Grrrr…!!

Ten months ago, after lamenting about the sad state of garbage segregation, I started to compost and I cannot tell you how much joy and peace of mind it has brought me.

All our family and friends who follow me to the terrace receive a quick tutorial on home composting! What awes them most is how odour-free it can actually be! I find the process of converting the green waste into nutrient rich compost nothing short of being magical!

Now the process runs smoothly. All through the months June to September the light drizzle and sometimes heavier rain took care of the moisture requirement of my composter. October and November have been more dry, weather-wise. So I find the need to sprinkle water once everyday. I turn over the green waste, study how dry the lower layers are and then decide how much water to add. My aim mostly is to let the whole mix look moist.

I last harvested a large volume of compost (in the month of August). The compost was slightly moist. Airing it for a few hours made it completely dry. I gave most of it to a friend who is a very serious gardener. I kept a little for my potted plants. Another batch is ready to be sieved. As soon as I can make some time over the coming weekend I will attend to it.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-19 at 10.49.45
Black gold – my August harvest!


  1. Beautiful compost! I agree that people seem surprised that the compost pile does not smell, I think there are a lot of misunderstanding on the subject, which stalls the development of city-wide composting programs…


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