A German Itinerary

In a previous post, I had described how we had a glorious time in Germany, kids in tow and how that trip was our first LONG holiday. Here is what we did on that trip:Germany itinerary
After the trip we realised that:
1) Neuschwanstein Castle is prettier from the outside than the inside.Neuschawnstein_Castle_from_Marienbrucke_Munich
2) For breathtaking views, a visit to Zugspitze is best done on a clear day, so keep monitoring the weather. Highest point on German Alps
3) Extricating kids away from the children’s section of the Deutsches Museum is a mammoth task because the place is so interesting to them. Carry a change of clothes as well. Sanjith_Deutsches_Museum_Munich_Pic25
4) Dachau is a sombre experience that stays with you for a long time. Monument_at_Roll_Call_Area_Dachau
5) Even the tiniest town and village is so pretty!Baa_Baa_White_Sheep_Luppa
6) Garmisch Partenkirchen is unbelievably beautiful and picture postcard perfect.Stream_at_Garmisch-Partenkirchen_Pic1
7) You can stay in Berlin for a month and still have so many things to do and see!
8) Miniature Wonderland mesmerises adults and kids alike!Miniature_Wonderland_Hamburg_Pic5
9) Walking the Elbe tunnel is an experience… elbe tunnel 3 …..as is visiting a Russian submarine museum though the latter can feel a bit claustrophobic. U434 Submarine1


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Nanchi.
    Yes we did and it will always be a trip to remember! Please do stop by and read as and when you can and do leave me a comment or send in your feedback. Thanks again!


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