What’s in a nameplate?

My good friend Suman is a Bangalore-based talented artiste, who believes that her art must do all the talking for her. Sometimes, that is not enough, so here I am unabashedly promoting her work and asking you all to take a look at what she creates. I am writing this post, because I want to, not because Suman thought I must write about her. Humility is her middle name, but she takes pride in her work – ALL HANDMADE. Yes you read that right. Suman has channelled her exceptional abilities into producing exquisite nameplates for your home and office. Every name plate that you receive is personally handcrafted by Suman. She treats them all with the same amount of love and care that a mother would give all her children.

She mostly works with wood as a base. She treats the wood, carefully works on the lettering, adds little trinkets like bells, dhokra figurines, sequins, a bit of jute, motifs, some texturing, and viola, you have a bespoke piece of art to adorn your home/office! Most times her customers want a very ethnic looking nameplate, some other times they want something more contemporary in style. She has delivered every time.

I am myself the proud owner of not one but two nameplates and I have gifted them to friends and family who have always appreciated the design. I even have a heart-stopping story to share about one of the nameplates I have. Suman created a nameplate for our house back in 2011. From time to time, I wipe the dust that gathers on it and fix it back on the wall. One day I took it off and left it aside to clean after running a few errands that were on top of the list for that day. When I got back home I was in for a surprise – more a shock – my new house-help in her enthusiasm, proudly presented the washed and happily dried-in-the-sun nameplate! I nearly froze in fear that the handmade work would fall off piece by piece thanks to being washed and scrubbed. Nearly 10 years later, I STILL have the nameplate and it looks as good as new!

Washed, scrubbed and still going strong….since 2011!

So when you get a nameplate from Suman, you get QUALITY. It is almost like the product went through a QA check before it was shipped to you. The wood will be cut to size without any rough edges, the lettering will be shaped with exactness and glued in precisely, the embellishments will be positioned absolutely perfectly. You cannot fault the product.

Like all artistes, her creativity does not start and stop with nameplates. She has mastery over producing home decor products such as trays, planters, wall hangers that are really cute and elegant. When she develops an idea for a product in her mind, she always prioritises its functionality and utility. She is the perfect consultant for when you want some random knick-knack turned into a handsome prince, err…i meant a unique piece. The diyas that she makes for the festival of Diwali are always a sell-out. There’s more to her. But a picture is worth a thousand words isn’t it? So go look at her work here.

The lovely tiles give the sideboard a new look!

Be it your home or office, the people and decor add to the warmth of a place and lend it a soul. Get yourself a nameplate today. You will cherish it for a long time to come!


How to reach Suman:
Suman’s Studio is on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SumansStudio/
and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/sumans_studio/

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