Small & Beautiful Singapore!

There are big-time travellers out there, people who have made a profession out of travelling that brings in the moolah and allows them to travel some more!
Well, I am not that big a traveller, I haven’t yet set foot on some of the continents and there are just about a dozen countries on my “visited” & “lived in” lists. Despite that, people in my little circle think I am ‘seasoned enough’ to give travel advice 🙂 and at other times friends and family ask, “so where are you off to next?”
One question I have been asked frequently by a first time traveller is which country to visit.


  • this is your first trip out of India
  • you are not yet sure what kind of destination would appeal to you
  • you do not wish to use the services of a travel agent
  • and most importantly you do not have more than a week to take off from work

Then, Singapore is the ideal destination for you.

  • Its geographical proximity to India makes it quick and easy to get there.
  • It is modern, clean, and a developed city
  • Has an excellent transport system
  • Is people friendly
  • Is extremely SAFE
  • Has something to cater to the young & old
  • Is a GREAT family destination
  • Is not too difficult on the pocket
  • Is a year round destination
  • Food is not a problem especially for those who cannot do without their idli-sambhar and paranthas 🙂

The good thing about Singapore is that you can see it all and do it all unlike some other places that have SO MUCH to see and do, that you have to reluctantly drop a thing or two to be able to stick to your limited time.

I will not delve into all that one must see and do because all that info is already out there and I do not want to duplicate the info here. Use the links I have provided in one of my earlier posts and plan that trip NOW!! What are you waiting for??

Want to know more? Drop me a line and I will help.

Sentosa island, Singapore

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