Pace of a trip

A lot of times, I come across posts on travel forums about itineraries.
About travellers who

  • want to see Hampi in one day
  • are in Europe for a week and want to see Vienna on Day 1, Prague on Day 2 and Budapest on Day 3
  • want to start a trip in Bangalore and cover Hampi, Badami, Pattadakal, Aihole, Bijapur, Aurangabad and on the way back, if possible want to see more places – all in one week!
  • are in Singapore for 4 days and want to go to Malaysia as well 🙂
  • and so on and so forth….

Clearly, no research has gone into these ridiculously ambitious plans!

Slow down dear traveller!
Open that map – take note of the distances between places; look up all the things to see and do in a place and then decide if you have time for more.
Do not rush, allow the sights, smells, sounds of the place to take over your senses!
Walk the streets, talk to the locals, get a feel of the place.
Allow yourself to get a sense of belonging to that place.
Soak in the culture.
Then that place will stay with you, claim a piece of your heart and becomes a part of you forever.

Slow and steady makes a winner of a trip!

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